Member Expectations

What is Expected of Members at Southern Crescent?

We will protect the unity of this church family by acting in love toward other members, by being mutually submissive to each other and by settling our differences according to the teachings of Christ.

We will share in the responsibility of this church family to spread the gospel by praying for its growth, by inviting others to be a part of our family’s life, by worshiping together and by warmly welcoming those who are our guests.

We will share in the work and ministry of this church family by giving our time and talent to at least one ministry of this church. We encourage all to discover their spiritual gifts and abilities, to be equipped for works of service, and then to work in the ministry to which God has called them. Every member is a minister and every minister is encouraged to have a ministry.

We will support the testimony and work of this church by attending regularly, by living a godly life, by sharing our time and talents with others and by our financial gifts of tithes and offerings.

We believe the way to grow a church is by making it smaller. Every member is encouraged to be an active member of a small group. The purpose of these groups is to provide fellowship and encouragement, to allow shepherding and accountability to occur in an atmosphere of love and acceptance, and to provide an opportunity to invite others to experience the life of our church family.

We will seek individual spiritual maturity through our own personal devotion to Christ, exercising and growing our faith through spiritual disciplines including prayer, Bible study and fasting.